Life on Campus at San Marcos Academy

The SMA ethos is to develop the whole student, which includes their physical, social and spiritual sides. When they aren’t learning in the classroom, students are experiencing a variety of wonderful life-affirming experiences.

    Sporting champions

Central to this is the school’s excellent programme of athletics for students of all skill levels. This goes beyond just the competitiveness of the sport itself, but also works to develop the attributes of sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork in all students. SMA teams - known as the Bears - compete in local Texan leagues, with sports on offer ranging from football, basketball, baseball, volleyball to individual games such as golf and tennis. A top-quality equestrian course is also available, with students even able to bring their own horse to the school stables.

    Campus outings and activities

SMA offers a range of non-sporting clubs and societies for students to get involved in, enabling them to learn new skills and make friends. These include trips into Texas to shopping malls, the universities, and to the zoo or even NASA. Community service helping local churches or veteran’s groups is also on offer. Activities on campus include student council and the International Student Organisation. SMA is all about developing the leaders of tomorrow, and many students opt to participate in the excellent Junior ROTC unit on campus, which fosters upstanding morals in students while also allowing them to join the color guard and learn skills like orienteering. The 4-H programme deepens this sense of civic pride and fosters leadership skills by providing "hands-on" learning in agricultural and animal raising activities.